Paprika Powder 400g



  • Paprika Powder is a pure ground chili powder which has a sweet, pungent aroma and natural red color chilli powder
  • Mix some paprika powder to seasoning blends, meats, pickles, seafood which will add Low heat and bite
  • Can be used in a sprinkle over a tomato and onion salad
  • Comes in bulk packaged in a heat-sealed and re-closeable plastic bottle to retain its freshness.
paprika powder


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Paprika powder is a red powder that is made from grinding the dried pods of mild varieties of the pepper plant. It is a ground sweet red chili pepper with mild flavor & prized for its brilliant red color.

More About Paprika Powder

Paprika is a universal seasoning and a ubiquitous item in the spice cabinet. It is made of a combination of dried peppers from the Capsicum annum family, which include both sweet and hot peppers.

This striking, crimson-red colored powder is very versatile; it is used to season dishes, garnish foods, and add color to a recipe. Most paprika comes from Hungary and Spain and is either sweet, hot, or smokey. The type of pepper used, where it comes from, and how it is prepared to determine the flavor.

About Paprika Powder’s Taste

Depending on the type of paprika, it can range from mild and sweet to spicy to smoked. The heat factor has to do with how the red powders are produced. Sweet or mild paprika does not contain any capsaicin since the seeds and membranes are removed, which is what gives chilies their heat.

For the spicy paprikas, some of the seeds and the placenta, and the capsaicin glands (or veins) are left on the pepper when they are dried and ground into the powder. Smoked paprika obtains its flavor from being smoked over an oak fire.

Cooking With Paprika

The type of paprika (whether sweet, spicy, or smoked) will determine how it is used in cooking. A basic, mild-tasting version will add a pop of color without overwhelming the flavors of the dish and can be added to marinades and rubs or sprinkled over a finished dish like hummus.

Paprika with more flavor, like Hungarian and Spanish, takes a starring role in recipes. Sweet or hot versions are the main ingredient in traditional Hungarian dishes such as chicken paprikash and goulash, contributing significant flavor and a deep red hue to the dish.

The powdered spice is added along with other ingredients and cooked over low heat. Spanish smoked paprika will make the most impact in a dish, as the smokiness becomes the predominant flavor, like in a slow-cooked chicken and vegetable recipe or broiled mahi-mahi. Keep in mind that replacing one type of paprika for another can significantly change the taste of a dish.

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