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Naturesmith Chilli Flakes Jar 250g

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  • Add some chilli flakes in Spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce for a spicy taste.
  • Sprinkle over your potato or paneer dish for a chilli boost.
  • Used in savoury food including Stews, Creamy Sauces, Pastas, Pizzas etc
  • 100% Pure and natura

Red Chilli flakes can be used while cooking or can be sprinkled on top. They are widely used in Indian, Mexican, Thai and Italian cuisine.

You can also boost the flavour of your daily cheese toasts by adding chilli flakes over the bread. It is a crushed hot dried red peppers. Dried chilli flakes are crushed red pepper flakes are most commonly recognized as a condiment to be sprinkled onto pizzas.

Premium Chilli Flakes add spice to the Indian as well as Continental dishes. They add a dash of fiery zing to the Pastas, Pizzas, Sandwiches as well as salads and Burgers. Go Ahead and give your tastebuds that burst of lip-smacking hotness.

Spice up your veggies with chili flakes. They add flavour to food, at the same time boost your immunity and are good for diabetics. Flakes can be used both as a spice and as a sprinkler. Chilli flakes are also considered as an immunity booster.

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